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Project Description


Is the co-founder ofLa Docena Oyster Bar & Grill, named one of the 50 BestRestaurants in Latin America. Born in 1983 in Durango, a city in Northern Mexico near the Sierra MadreOccidental, his love of cooking began watching hismother and sisters in the kitchen, preparing familymeals. His formal training began at the culinary school in Buenos Aires in 2005, which wassupplemented with internships in several high-end hotels and restaurants in Andorra, Ibiza andBarcelona. He alsospent time at the 3Michelin star Martín Berasategui and Le Chateaubriand in Paris,before returning to Argentina to work at several renowned eateries, including La Parrilla del Pobre inBuenos Aires.He came back to Mexico in 2008, to Guadalajara, to join restauranteurs Alejandro de la Peña andClaudio Javelly of Grupo Son, taking over the kitchen of their Argentinian restaurant, La Porteña, fromChef Fernando Trocca. Then, in 2012, Chef Bermúdez, along with de la Peña and Javelly, opened thedoors of LaDocena in Guadalajara, followed by a second location in Mexico City in 2015, both to greatsuccess and accolades from national and international press.