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Project Description


She studied Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the Anglo-Mexican Cultural Institute (ANGLO), translation at Berlitz, and also studied literature and philology at UAM and UNAM. For many years she did translation and taught English.

Being a natural born cook, she dedicated herself to it and launches herself as cook of her own restaurant, La Vita Delicatessen in Tepic. Later, she studied at the Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía / Argentinean Institute of Gastronomy (IAG) in Buenos Aires, where she worked in a number of restaurants including Fernando Mayoral’s Thymus

Her book Flavors of Nayarit is the direct result of this fundamental project, which is overflowing with anthropological intuition, love for knowledge and research, but above all with affection for human beings and their circumstances. Alondra Maldonado travelled through the whole state of Nayarit, visited the 20 Municipalities, interviewed over 250 people and shared their daily activities such as milking cows, making traditional cheese, fishing, walking in the mountain in search of edible wild mushrooms of the rainy season and sharing rituals with the cora and huichol people.

Flavors of Nayarit has been awarded by The Gourmand Cookbook Awards in the following categories 2015 for Mexico.
• Best Historical Recipe Cookbook
• Best Local Cuisine
• Best First Book
• The Best of the Best in 20 Years as Best Historical Recipe Cookbook.

Due to her research and constant promotion of the traditional cuisine of the state of Nayarit, in 2016, was named as Delegate of the Nayaritan Gastronomy by the Mexican Gastronomy Culture Conservatory.