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Project Description


It is more than 15 years since Angel Vázquez in Puebla, has brought the flavors of different parts of the world such as Morocco, Thailand, Greece and of course Mexico “among many others” to desired palates to experience a gastronomic journey, with flavors, textures , colors and flavors that together with the research and creativity expressed in the intro restaurant. Graduated from the Culinary Institute of Mexico in 1999 from the Bachelor of Gastronomy and with a Master’s degree in Food and Beverage Management at the same institution Angel continued his professional education at schools such as Ecole Lenotrê and Ecole Ferrandi both in Paris, as well as in Lyon and Thailand, I work together in restaurants in New York, Paris and Barcelona. Within his professional and banqueting experience Ángel has been ambassador of Poblana cuisine to serve great personalities in places like, Luxembourg, Singapore, Berlin, San Francisco California, Peru, Madrid, Chicago, Vatican, Jakarta, Milan, Azerbaijan, Paris, London, etc., as well as in different places of the Mexican Republic, always representing its Poblana-Mexican cuisine with the contemporary vision that represents it. Recently he was the chef in charge of serving food for Pope Francis at the Apostolic Nunciature in Mexico City.

Other projects where you can taste the work of Angel are: intro catering, Salomé Antojeria del Mar and Mezcal, Coal Central de Hamburguesas, Augurio comedor Poblano (named by expansion group as the best new restaurant in Mexico in 2017).