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Project Description


Felipe Armenta is a family man. Hailing from Houston, Texas, his mother, father, and siblings were most important to him growing up. Fresh dishes and creative cuisine were a part of their family. Following his dreams after school, he opened his first restaurant in the middle of a financial crisis, which is now a San Angelo staple. The Grill showcased his passion for house-made ingredients and the importance of open kitchens with wood burning grills. When Felipe was ready to expand, he could not resist the call to Fort Worth, where he met his wife, Rachel Armenta. They had successfully opened The Tavern by the time their first child. Now, four children and eleven restaurants later, he is happy to call Fort Worth home and is excited about growing from here. Felipe prides himself in the ambiance and culture his restaurants provide, and he and his family love spending time on the beautiful patio of Press Café overlooking the trinity river or enjoying their favorite dish at Pacific Table. There is no better feeling than the joy and the love created in Marias Mexican Kitchen; the restaurant dedicated to his mother. Looking towards the future, his main goal is providing his family stability and enriching whatever community he is involved with.