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Project Description


Reliving memories is part of the magic of gastronomy, as diners relate flavors back to people or experiences that were created in past years – some, since childhood. When you go back in time to the traditional cuisine of your grandparents, you undoubtedly come back to that sense of pure love that was transmitted through every bite. For Chef Ivan, these experiences led him to discover his love for cooking, learning from his grandmother how to make handmade tortillas, salsas, mole, and other Mexican delicacies. When he moved to Andorra la Vieja and started working in the restaurant “La Borda del Rector”, he began to define his style of cooking — mixing mountain wood-fired cooking with ocean-oriented cuisine, ultimately becoming the talented chef he is today. Now, as Chef of Pacifico Beach Club, Chef Iván uses traditional and modern techniques, and combining ingredients from the Pacific coastal areas of Baja and Sinaloa to create a menu of wood-fired dishes. His signature dish is the Zarandeado Fish, where the combination of aromas and flavors arising from the mix of spices that form a crispy grilled crust are a work of art. His Chef’s specialty zarandeado sauce is a revival of memories and traditions for the Chef that have been passed from generation to generation.