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Project Description


Jorque Coque Ossio, is one of Lima’s leading chefs, with a great talent not only in the art of gastronomy but also as a culinary entrepreneur. He graduated from the Universidad del Pacífico in Lima, where he studied Business Administration. However, Coque had another plan for his life, heading to New York City (United States), where he studied at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and obtained a degree in Culinary Arts.

 Before returning to Peru, he did an internship with chef Alain Passard in Paris. Arpège restaurant with three Michelin stars. Currently Jorge Ossio, is owner and corporate chef of the best restaurants in Cusco (Inka Grill, MAP Café, Pachapapa, Incanto, Greens Organic and LIMO Peruvian cuisine & pisco bar) as well as La Bonbonnière in Lima.

 Ossio is also general manager of Jorge Luis Ossio, which is a Gastronomic Consultancy where he provides consulting services to several restaurant chains in Peru, such as Bembos Burger Grill, China Wok, Casa Andina and La Jolla, an exclusive condominium located in Aisa owned by successful businessman Javier Musiris.