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Project Description

Yasuo Asai

Originally from Japan, Chef Yasuo Asai considers himself a travel lover; thanks to this, he had the opportunity to discover his passion and talent for food since he was a student. It was in New York that he learned to prepare the food from his native Japan, but with a more “Western style”. Later, he had a job offer at Santiago de Chile and learn a little more about managing a restaurant. Later he worked in Brazil for the opening of a restaurant.

Currently, he is living in Mexico City where his first challenge and project was to be part of the Yoshimi restaurant, whose previous name was Benkay, and put into practice and contribute his knowledge to execute the style menu: Teppan Grill.

Now chef Yasuo opens the doors of his own restaurant called “Asai Kaiseki Cuisine” where he offers authentic Japanese Kaiseki food with a touch of Mexican culture.